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Revealed: Amazing Facts about Magnetic Messaging Program

One of the things that has taken the world by storm texting, chatting and sexting between men and women. However, many men do not know how to properly use the messaging tool to lay any woman they would like. Unknown to many, messaging has a killer instinct to get a woman you have always craved for in bed anytime and any day you want.

So far, the best program for this is the Magnetic Messaging guide. It provides every man with tips on how to use texts and have sex with every girl in your bedroom regardless of whether they like you or not, attracted to you or not, she is dating someone else or not and even when you are not her type. This book will turn your phone to be a magnet that draws every woman closer to you in a short period of time.

What is Magnetic Messaging?

Magnetic messaging is a system of information on how you can use texts and make every woman chasing after you alone even if there are other a thousand men breathing on her neck. It is a step by step system that shows you how to properly craft magnetic text messages so as to engage, connect and turn on any woman you have ever admired. It is full of practical word by word examples of messages you can send to a girl and win her heart which leads to having countless nights of sex with her.

Apart from that, it also comes fully packed with tips on how to respond to different texts from the woman of your dreams and get her attention. It is also very obvious that every man likes to have nude pictures sent to him. This book does not disappoint in this sector as well. You will also learn about the art of texting killer texts continuously without wondering what to text to keep the conversation going( texting autopilot).

The magnetic messaging also contains what is referred to as the key-lock sequence. The lock sequence teaches you how to creation emotions in a woman to make her interested and want to have you, how to create a strong connection between you and her and how to plant the art of desire in her mind and make her wish to have great sex with you. Lastly, the program will make you learn about the texting logistics to make every woman have sex with you more and more.

Who are the Magnetic Messaging Authors?

The Magnetic Messaging program is written by Bobby Rio and Rob Judge. Bobby Rio is the founder of one of the leading men's online magazines for lifestyle and dating something that has made him being referred to as ‘ the patented ladies men'. Apart from this, he has written other books such as “Make Her Beg You to Bang Her”, “The Shy Guy's Guide to Talking to Girls” and many others.

On the other hand, Rob Judge is among the most popular online dating coaches. He kickstarted his career in 2008 working with RSD Nation company. One year down the line, he was named among the “top 10 pickup artists” in the world. He has also engaged himself in writing books with “Date Hotter Girls” the most popular.

What Does Magnetic Messaging System Contain?

Magnetic Messaging is a program full of insightful and relevant information on how to use texts and turn on every woman you have ever thought of regardless of their class or whoever they maybe dating. The tricks will help you as a man catch her attention and make her crave to share a bed with you. Below is a look at how the whole book is subdivided and what each section contains:

Part 1: The Principles of Phone Game

The authors of Magnetic Messaging have subdivided this part into three namely; meet up, phone game and the date. Many men go wrong in the phone game stage by texting wrong messages or messages that do not create emotions in a woman. Thus, the part will teach you how to communicate effectively in terms of sparking emotions, establishing connections and handling logistics the best way. You will also learn about what not to do like asking irrelevant questions etc. If you want to outdo other men chasing after that girl, then go through this chapter.

Part 2: You Want to Date Her (First Phase)

The Magnetic Messaging eBook highlights the 3 day rule which means after you get her number, contact her after 2 days. Another theme is that you shouldn't send more than 2 texts without proposing for a meet up. If she responds to you like “who is this?”, Bobby and Rio have techniques on how to win! The Magnetic messaging also comes fully armed on how to deal with girl's excuses such as ” I'm sick” and many more whenever you propose for a date.

It also features the key-lock sequence ( three text sequence) which provides great tips on how to avoid being her text buddy, how to escape from the friendzone and what to do if she doesn't respond to your texts. Another thing is how to deal with girls that are not interested in you. There is a way to make them fall in love with you and in fact want you more even after the first date. In addition, there are a lot of text examples you can use on your girl.

Part 3: You're Sort of Dating Her

This part of Magnetic Messaging will teach you how to make her develop a lot of interest in you when the dating situation is doubtful. The writers go ahead to show you how to really establish connection and good rapport. It also has useful tips on how to make her feel you on the first date. There is also a vivid description on what you should text her after you have had sex. You should make her develop trust in you rather than make it feel as if you were just after sex. Unfortunately many men go wrong in the aforementioned section. Other chapters in this part include how to compliment her, how to be funny without looking like a clown and teasers you can use to make her want you more and more.

Part 4: Dating Her

This is the last part of Magnetic Messaging with insightful information about the art of sexting, how to initiate sexting, how to spot sexting cues, how to ask for nude pics without offending a girl and even how to make your girl give in to a threesome request.

Pros and Cons of Magnetic Messaging System

Many readers who have already gone through this eBook have aired their feedback through different platforms. Below is a highlight of the pros and cons of the Magnetic Messaging Program.


  • The Magnetic Messaging guide is a step by step easy to follow program with examples of texts every man should use.
  • It is written by real experts ( Bobby Rio and Rob Judge) who have the experience of what the book talks about.
  • It comes with a 60 day money back guarantee meaning if it doesn't impact on your life positively, your cash shall be refunded.
  • It covers almost every possible situation when it comes to texting like when she doesn't respond, if she keeps on having excuses among many others.
  • The case studies used in Magnetic Messaging program make it easy for you to apply them in real life and have sex with as many women as possible.
  • Magnetic Messaging comes with three bonuses to enhance your dating such as infatuation video formula, magnetic mastermind kit and 99 best texts of all time to use and drop the panty of any woman.


  • It is only available for purchase online.

Does the Magnetic Messaging Program Work?

Why not? This is one of the most comprehensive programs any man would wish to have as it will enable you turn all the phone numbers of women into sexual partners. If you want to have sex with as many women as possible, then Magnetic Messaging system is what you need.


I have personally used this program and for sure, I have been waking up almost daily with a different naked woman in my bed. I would therefore highly recommend any man to go for it and see the miracle it does! It is the best program so far for making women fall in love and have sex with you. Go go and buy it now! This review of Magnetic Messaging is unbiased since all the information has been gathered from different sites and users.

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